Your One Stop Solution On A Comprehensive Tao of Badass Review

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the-tao-of-badass-review Hey there buddy. Let me ask you few quick questions first? Have you ever wanted to be with a born talent, to be the cool guy who gets every chick he wants, which woman’s simply adore and your friends get jealous of you BUT still at the end you get the whole respect from them? Or something like those guys who seems always to get the hot chicks, even the new female guests that arrive in your town? Don’t you wanna go to her and talk to the girl, hopefully to make out with her? But suddenly there is a huge brick wall that holding you back, which stops you from going to her and say HI. Do you know why is that so? It’s fear, FEAR of rejection
and lack of HUGE confidence.  I know that feeling, those moments which always lead me to be mad of the other guys, blaming my friends, going home with sad and empty hands ending jerking of, ALONE etc.

Nothing to worry about because you are 1 step ahead of other guys like you. You came here for a reason, a solution to change your old YOU and become the badass of them ALL! Don’t you?

There are only 3 types of guys who visit this website:


1: Those who want to make a change in their dating life 2: Those who look for comprehensive tao of badass review, (sick and tired of the other information out there which only promotes the tao of badass in order to make money without eve scratching the bare surface of it) 3: Those who want to enhance their dating skills.

Hello buddy and warm welcome.  My name is Goran, and you’re one of the few lucky guys who visited this website because you will read one of a kind undisclosed tao of badass review.

– Before we continue please let me introduce myself a bit. I’m from Macedonia, negotino. I like hiking, partying till morning, money and my favorite: bitches, Boobie Bitches!

So, why i made this one of a kind review?
Well two years back I was one of those shy, not so confident, kinda geek when comes to dating chicks. Dating girls? I was the loudest among my friends, “i met this girl, i met that girl, we made this we made that…” but actually that was just a walk to talk, I never asked those girls for a name even approaching them… Anyway, like time was passing by I thought that i should really make something for a change and to start date some girls. With tiny success disappointed, I ended up on the internet to search  for trick tips for pick up girls and dating. Over these 2 years I also ended spending lots of money on dating courses, online webinars, “little known mind seduction tips, you name it… With some of the stuff i learned worked a little while but i wasn’t what i was looking for, what i was expecting. Few month ago, I heard rumors about this “tao of badass shit” and I thought heck I’d go try this product even it’s the one last thing on my become the GUY that woman’s like journey. So, there werent many real reviews around and i thought I’ write one and let the world knows what tao of badass really is.

First and foremost, I just want to clarify I will be giving you an unrestricted unbiased and honest review of Joshua’s dating-relationship self help guide. What you are about to read are the ESSENTIAL details you need to know before grabbing a copy of the guide yourself.

Please note: I’ll be going BOTH, good and the bad staff, if in any case that’s something you may not want to hear then as well you can leave now or enjoy reading my review.

So, Who Created the Tao of Badass and Why?

The creator of the tao of badass is no other then a ordinary skinny guy, Joshua Pellicer. Before his masterpiece he was one of the thousand guys worldwide who wanted to attract lots of beautiful and gorgeous females. I remember from his bio pdf i read it, he started assembling his masterpiece when he worked in a gas station. He started to read a lot about woman psychology and  investigating how wjosh-pelliceroman’s brain work when comes to dating or meeting a man.  Joshua  faced with many challenges in his life and he really wanted to make a change in his dating  life. Not just to help himself, also wanted to help other guys to who had problem to dating  a woman and help them to finely win their loved ones hearts.

 – Pellicer after becoming more and more experienced in his field, people started to ask  him  for dating advice’s etc. After his publicize he was featured on The Today Show for his  break through, to reveal to the world techniques that any guy can use to boost their  dating skills. He also started his own radio show and his dating school “The Art Of Charm” to help newbies understand more about woman’s and providing tips how they can approach, talk to, seduce and attract woman’s.

 Just to back that up you can watch the video from the today-show bellow.

 Click Here To Watch Joshua Pellicer: 7 Simple Scientific Tricks to Have ANY Woman You Want


– Your MAIN REVIEW: What is exactly The Tao Of Badass ?


The tao of badass is a complete dating system that was “forged” by lots of test, tweaks and experiments by Josh. The whole training guide consists of one main pdf which is more then 130 pages long braked into several chapters. The system also comes with audio file per chapter where Joshua will show you examples and hints for better understanding the system and how woman’s brain and logic works so you can subconsciously “HI-JACK” their minds by pulling the “right woman triggers” so she can automatically see you as the UNIQUE guy which she wants to have fun with.

If you decide to get the tao of badass dating system, you’ll get instant access to the badass members area where all the information you need to become a badass is located and also if you end in some “situations” you can feel free to ask the experienced members through the GLOBAL chat in the member area where you can get fast and easy tips and hint how to handle that “situation.”

– Lets take a quick peek into the badass pdf and get familiar with the important chapters with an overview of them.


  • #1 Gender Roles:
    This chapter will explain the one overlooked thing when comes to dating a woman. These are the “qualities” that you must learn to display if you want to be a badass with women. In order to understand the relationship between attraction and gender roles, you must remember one thing: men and women who are playing a specific gender role are always attracted to someone who is playing the opposite gender role.
  • #2 Confidence:
    This is one of the main factors to date any woman you want. Confidence is the number one quality that women find attractive in men, actually this is the SEED KEY when comes to interaction with people, but when comes to talk to a woman… You kinda get STONED etc, don’t you? In this chapter you will LEARN everything you will need in future about confidence, talk to any woman you like and get her interested and attracted at you immediately,  also you will learn what “destroys” your confidence and Joshua Pellicer will show you little simple tweaks how to bypass that feeling and get more confident then before.
  • #3 The System:
    The core system of being a badass and stop “hoping” like you did before to get “lucky” and wait to a hot female approaches you and bang you or something immediately. (The truth is, sometimes those things happen if you’re lucky enough or something, it had happened to me few times but i wanted to control that. Don’t you?) At this chapters comes the end of all those “hopes and lucks” because you will learn how to control those moments and let them go in direction you want them to go. Example: after party, before party in bed, in bed only, the new girlfriend, the friends with benefits friend. You name it You’ll Get It!
  • #4 The Approach Chapter:
    Most men are terrified of walking over to a woman they don’t know, introducing themselves, and attempting to build attraction.

If you don’t know the system for understanding what stage you’re in or knowing how to move forward, then it can seem impossible. In this chapter, Pellicer is going to address that issue directly and make sure that you know everything you need to know about approaching. He won’t just talk about what to do when you get there and what to say and how to go about it – he’ll also discuss how to get rid of the debilitating fear known as approach anxiety ones and for all.

  • #5 Tests
    – I don’t know about you, but i actually had experienced this  unconsciously several times after fully aware after i read it and understand from the tao of badass. Don’t get confused. What i want to say to you is that woman’s test the guy that approaches her to see if he is enough codependent and really confident. If you fail on womans test you can be sure that you will end up i her freaking “friend zone” and kill every attraction she has on you. Example from a woman test:

In a night club you approach her say hi bantering etc. Suddenly she says “Can you hold this for me please?”  – She will expect to fail on the test like usually. So for you to be that confident and the MAN for her you need NOT JUST SIMPLY SAY OK AND HOLD “that” FOR HER! You can say something like: amm ok, I will hold that for you in return can i get a kiss in the cheek please and smile softly. By saying that to her you will create a different image then she expected and you will pass the test whixh can lead you later hooking up with her.

I can write a lots of test that i have experianced but that wont help you much without knowing how to spot them, overcome and avoid them. In the tests chapter you will discover everything you should need to guide you and ward you from those woman’s “tricks”.

  • #6 Reading Body Language
    This is the thing You will master that will guide you to play with girls like you always wanted you. This skill is a MUST HAVE. It is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful interaction.


  • #7 Creating Love
    You met a woman that is the kind of woman you want to spent the rest of your life? – That’s awesome, but how do you create love so she can love you too to the rest of her life?

Personally, i skipped this chapter for later. But i believe that Josh will clearly show you how you can create love between you and her.

#8 Biggest Mistakes Man Make
This is a must read too. Here you can understand things why sometimes it feels like you give the best of yourself to win her and end up with her later, but sadly she goes with another guy or she just simply forgets about you, like she never meet you at the first place.


 Cons & Pros of the Tao of Badass System
 – This is not a “quick fix guide”
– Doesn’t Touch on pick-up lines or techniques
– Methods don’t apply on most woman’s. Let’s be honest, not all woman’s are same. The information will positively change your mindset and boost your self confidence. But the reality is that certain types approach tactics wont work on every woman. Sometimes you just need to experiment a little.
– Slightly high priced. But i think it’s daamn worth the price. (Original price $97. $67 save instant $30 off from the discounted image bellow)

– Step by Step guide created for newbies, also advanced “players” can benefit to learn and understand everything you need to know about attracting women.

– Easy To Read
– Well organized information for easy understanding and learning.
– Downloadable content.
– 60 Day return policy. If you think that maube you made the wrong decision you have full 60 days money back guarantee.

Lets recap quickly:
– So Get the tao of badass full system which comes along with bonus pdf and video files:


– Also bonuses along you will get with the tao of badass:

Overall,what do I think? I’ve read many books over the last few months on this specific topic and don’t get me wrong, I read some super material. However this was one of the first guides I read which gave you EXACT instructions of how to attract and seduce women. Not to mention Joshua’s style of pinning these techniques down really make it an enjoyable yet valuable read. Let me state this clearly, The Tao Of Badass is NOT scam. PERIOD.


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  1. Kelly

    The numerous tips and knowledge provided in the book
    is really beneficial for guys. All the suggestions can be implemented in daily life and supply a
    chance to the people to have friends with their preferred

    1. Goran Post author

      Indeed it is. It’s much easier when let’s say one knows how girls brain works … heheh :p

  2. Alice

    Hey there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The
    text in your article seem to bee running off the screen in Opera.
    I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something too doo with browser
    compatibiity but I figured I’d post to let you know.
    The style and design look great though! Hope you get the issue rezolved soon. Thanks

    Btw, awesome explanation of The Tao Of Badass you’ve made here :), just got in!

    1. Rick

      It is a Great article, thank you for taking the time and making the effort to post this. I review the world wide web constantly on this content, as I consider that information is ability. This report did increased my knowledge about dating girls. Once again thank you for the effort and hard work you did to acquire a short article that is readily available to people.

    2. Goran Post author

      Awesome! Now you are one step ahead from being a badass man when how to get hot chicks comes in play :)

      Thanks for liking it


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