Does The Tao Of Badass Work – Dating Support Network Exposed Review

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As first and foremost i want to say welcome and thank you visiting the Dating Support Network website. This is the website where you’ll find everything about how to successfuly date the girl you want! That being said, here is a sneak peak at what you should know about getting the girl you want …

Helpful dating tips are difficult to find. Either they are written by some psychology major who last ask a girl out when he needed a partner for “Twister” at the year-end MENSA blowout … or worse yet … by some pretender who has read a lot of theory about approaching women, but doesn’t even have the cajones to ask a hottie, “Excuse me, do you have the time, miss?”

I don’t claim to have all the answers … although you can find a lot of them here, but I have some basics, the FISH method that will help you immediately. Here you’ll find with no doubt the best publications on the Internet for approaching, talking with, and scoring great-looking chicks. Don’t waste your money on recycled garbage. These guys including me are original, and they have been through the tough side of approaching chicks to ask them out. Plus, if you don’t like Joshua’s advice … you’ll give you your money back. And if you decide you’ll follow his advice … you’ll triple your chances of getting any girl you want!

Go ahead and visit Joshua’s Tao Of Badass Official Website to get the weapon that make girls WANT YOU, know the trick that makes YOU feel more CONFIDENT when approaching hot chicks – with EASE!

I’ll give you a quick list of behaviors you must use if you plan on getting chicks that interests you. There are no if’s … or … but’s about this list. Learn these behaviors and make them part of your normal approach. Do not forget to Sign-Up for our FREE newsletter to receive even more detailed tips.

  • Master “flirting” techniques – winking, eye-contact, casual easy smile
  • Be clean
  • Dress a little bit better than the regular losers who hit on great-looking chicks
  • Make her laugh with your approach – be cocky and funny
  • Stay in shape or, at least, start getting in shape
  • Compliment her appropriately – learn to compliment a “hidden” trait (i.e. No … not her tits under a sweater! Get real!)
  • Be a gentleman in all your actions
  • Learn to listen
  • Reflect her feelings and thoughts back to her to show support
  • Don’t give out a lot of personal info on yourself
  • Don’t cuss, talk about violence, or act tough – be a class act
  • Touch her lightly … appropriately … and only once
  • Don’t stay in conversation over 3-4 minutes
  • Ask for her e-mail address or phone number
  • Whether you get her e-mail/number or not … thank her and leave her with a smile

Looking for dating tips can be either helpful or the biggest waste of your time and energy you’ve ever spend! I strive to bring you clear and accurate advice you can use today and change your social life forever! Don’t try to memorize everything at once, and don’t try to incorporate every tip you come across here … even on other websites!

Use What Works For YOU, But Get Advice From Proven Dating Experts!

I’ll offer here the absolute best means for overcoming your fear of rejection when approaching a woman.

Best wishes in all your dating experiences. There is no greater boost for your confidence than to know you CAN approach and talk with any chick on the planet … and then get her number for a date!

Best Dating Support Network Ever coming soon, here … stay tuned… already here!

And here is the guy that created this awesome product about getting hot girls every time you wish for it!

All Talk – No Action? – Don’t be =>> Visit The Tao Of Badass Official Website NOW!

257 Flares Twitter 167 Facebook 5 Google+ 51 Reddit 2 StumbleUpon 1 Pin It Share 2 LinkedIn 29 257 Flares ×

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