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Buy The Tao Of Badass and Master The Flirting Game!

I think most of us has suffered from rejection from the opposite sex, at one time or other during our lifetimes. It is the natural way of things. What is not natural is to take that rejection like a knife to the heart and to be discouraged from ever trying again! So that being said, before you purchase this badass dating guide, I am giving you opportunity to discover more about how to flirt as what flirting means and how to do it the right way by knowing the hidden signs that let’s you know if she is interested or not!

Everybody is different and so must be treated differently. What will not work with one individual could easily be just what it takes to win over another, in the same way that you cannot possibly please everyone with the same music; so you will not please every girl with your well thought off one-liners!

Or continue reading … The good news though, when you buy the tao of badass is that you’ll learn that there are certain things to “DO” or “SAY” that will appeal to the broader range of potential mates – all the rest is a matter of fine-tuning so to speak. Hopefully you will find many of the following tips useful when it comes to attracting the attention of the girl of your dreams.

Is Flirting Natural? – You’ll Discover When Decide To Buy The Tao Of Badass Book

I would say that everyone at one time or another has been involved in flirting behaviour; intentional or not, so before you purchase the book, you must know that the fact is that flirting is in the blood, it is almost primal in the sense that it is inbuilt, natural even. If you have ever ‘fooled around’ playfully with a member of the opposite sex, then the chances are that you have been flirting with them subconsciously or consciously. These little games of push me that you played as a teenager with the girls, were really just a sneaky way to make contact with them, on a physical and emotional level, without the fear of rejection that a full on ‘will you’ could have. The silly jokes you might try on the office girls or the girl behind the counter, is all part of the flirting game – the badass  guide teaches. It’s a way of keeping your true feeling on a casual level, so that you can always claim to be ‘just kiddingif your punch-line is rejected and the girl moves on – Cool huh?

Before You Buy The Tao Of Badass, Discover What Is Flirting?

This is perhaps not so easy to answer as it may seem, simply because flirtatious behavior differs according to the individual. For instance when I was looking for where to buy the tao of badass ebook, I used to accuse my, now wife, of being a terrible flirt with guys she met, without knowing that it’s not the case.

… However after becoming a badass man, I learned that she was in fact just being friendly and that most guys totally did not get the message, and were so surprised when they tried to ‘get it on‘ and got a slap down instead. It is therefore of the greatest importance that you do not get or give out the wrong message when engaged in flirtatious behavior. Even that can be a bit of minefield if you attract the wrong attention unintentionally, and the opposite number thinks you are flirting with them-as in the previous example.

This can lead to a whole load of hassle that you definitely want to avoid at all costs. Here are a few things to consider before we look at the ‘how to‘ section on flirting.

Where Can i Buy The Tao Of Badass Ebook and earn All About Flirting – Friendship Flirting
It is not unusual to engage in flirtatious behavior with your girlfriends, and by that I mean girls with whom you share a common friendship with, nor is it unusual to flirt with married women – who are also your friends. This is perfectly natural behavior amongst consenting adults, and is usually fairly harmless – as long as both parties understand that it is their ego’s that are getting messaged and nothing more!

When you are the subject of attention from a friend of the opposite sex, who is complimentary regarding your dress, or hair or whatever, then the usual response is one of happy satisfaction – and noting more.

That is not to say you will not be attracted in a sexual way to them; however there are certain barriers in a friendship that can only be crossed at your peril – especially if you are both otherwise spoken for. Most of us I think like to be complimented on our appearance and it’s not unusual to get caught up in ‘friendship flirting‘ as an innocent way to enjoy the company of a good friend. However it does come with it’s risks – as we shall see later in this work here.

Where To Buy The Tao Of Badass and Learn How To Avoid Terrible Teasing?
This is kind of flirting behavior whereby the girl, ‘leads on‘ the interested party, with no intention of following through on what their actions suggest. This is a very dangerous type of behavior and most time leads to drama of some sort or other.

It is unwise to say the least, to pluck on the heart-strings of someone in whom you really have no interest, sexual or otherwise; and then reject them at the last moment. It’s very easy for a woman especially, to get the nickname ‘prick-tease‘ when in fact they were just being sociable or friendly to their male friend. However there are times when a woman or a man for that matter will deliberately lead the other party on to believe that they are “in with a chance” when in fact they were never even close! So my advice at you request, purchase the tao of badass and discover how to avoid this kind of teasing!

This is flirting of the most selfish type that is designed to make the one instigating the flirting, feel good about themselves – empowered even – at the cost of another individual. You can be sure that if you get involved in this type of flirting then it will end in tears – for both parties in the end.

The Flirting Game

There is no doubt about it, buying the tao of badass will teach you that flirting is a game played out all people, especially by adults. The purposes may be quite complex, but ultimately it is a way of attracting and getting a mate almost surreptitiously. The game can be played on many levels and can be as complex as any board game.

It takes two to flirt of course, but the challenge is how to determine if the object of your attention is actually returning your feelings, or is in fact trying to get away from you as politely (or not) as possible without creating a scene! It could be that they are just being friendly or polite, take especial note of this if it is a work situation and you are the boss – thy may not want to offend you!

When it comes to flirting with the girl of your desires, how do you do it without making a complete fool of yourself or scaring the girl half to death with your blundering half jokes, or crass innuendoes?

Tao Of Badass Review – Some Flirting Top Tips:

Stay cool: The worst thing you can do in any flirting situation is get all serious. Remember that cool is the name of the game here. Staying cool means that you will not get all stressed out and stumble over these seriously good one-liners that you have rehearsed. It means that inside you do not care about rejection, as after all, it’s not serious is it! This in turn means that you are much more able to chat and joke on a friendly level as you are not all stressed out about it. So if you wonder “should i buy the tao of badass” – wonder no more as when you buy it, you will find that the words will flow very naturally if you learn how to keep cool and treat it all as a bit of a game – enjoy it.

Have a laugh: Girls love a guy with a sense of humour so always be prepared to laugh at yourself – not others, as this is seriously uncool. Keep the conversation light, and be ready with some little funny stories about yourself and life’s adventures. I have to be honest I’m terrible at remembering jokes, however I make up by recounting funny stories. Stories are mega-powerful as they capture an audience, and hold them until the end or the punch – line. Good comedians all know this and that is why the likes of Billy Connelly, or Robin Williams, Richard Prior etc and their ilk have made a fortune from telling funny stories – and captured a few hearts along the way!

Compliments: Girls love to be complimented on what they are wearing, be it perfume or clothes. Perhaps their hair has been done especially well or they are wearing new shoes. By pointing out these things, you are making it clear to the girl that you are attentive and observant. Just don’t over-do it or else you may come across as a bit of a stalker! Again a bit of humor goes a long way here, so you can complement her, but bring in the funny as well – example? “That’s a great dress your wearing today Sheila – your mothers clothes really suit you!WARNING – Only say this if you are on reallllly friendly terms; otherwise it wouldn’t do for a first date :).

Pay Attention: Nobody likes to be treated like an airhead, and unfortunately some girls are used to being treated in this way by certain guys – don’t be one of them! If you pay attention when the girl talks and nod your head in all the right places, you will reap the rewards many fold – trust me. Girls are always complaining that we do not listen to them, perhaps they’re right. The badass man is one that breaks the mould and listens will have an immediate advantage over his opponents!

Smile: Ok, this doesn’t mean grin like a fool, but be happy and always ready to laugh. This is very attractive to women and makes you seem relaxed in their company.

Share: As well as listening to them, talk about the things that you enjoy, and do not be negative about the things you do not, but rather keep an open mind. This will avoid you sounding judgemental and critical of other people’s views – perhaps even the girl you are flirting with! As you share things that are important to you it helps the other party to build a picture of what you are really like; all this helps to build a bond between you.

Personal Hygiene: Girls love a guy who is well groomed, who takes care of himself. While it’s true that women often go for the rugged manly types; I’ve yet to meet one that finds body odour attractive! Make sure that you are giving out the right impression, and be well groomed but not effeminate in attitude or appearance.

Don’t sound Desperate: This pretty much goes hand in hand with ‘be cool’. Never give the impression that you are desperate for a date, or for their attention. No girl wants to get herself involved with a desperate loser, who does nothing but whinge all the time. Be cool, and let her think that you are a badass man in control of your own destiny. Power is a fantastic aphrodisiac, and a powerful self-assured guy can be a real turn-on to a girl who is looking for security and stability in her life.

Of course this is a general guide as every individual is different, and so any flirting tips must be tailored to suit different situations. Flirting with a colleague at work or a girl you have met in the bar, will call for slightly different techniques. However these are what you would call a ‘broad stroke’ approach to flirting with a girl, and will be relevant in most circumstances. That being said, buy the tao of badass today and become men that fears nothing. Get any girl with ease!

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